Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to browse the following questions that we get asked most commonly. Don’t see your question below? Contact us with your question and we would be happy to answer it.

Q.  Will I still see pests after my first treatment?

A. Following your service it is common to see the occasional pest for one to two weeks after the treatment. Some of the more serious infestations can take a second spray to control. If in between any of your scheduled quarterly treatments an irregular amount of activity is seen inside the home, please call us and we will gladly return to fix the problem free of additional cost.

Q. Is the product safe?

A. All of the products that we use are 100% safe for your home, family, pets, and even plants. We use the best pesticide available on the market. They have all been approved for use inside residential homes, commercial facilities, restaurants, and even day cares. Our technicians are all licensed through the Idaho State Agricultural Department and have been properly trained in the correct use of each product.

Q. Why do you come back 30 days after the initial spray?

A.  Depending on the home, chances are that pests have been building up nests for years. To better break up the nesting cycle of pests we have found that it is the most affective to return 30 days after the initial spray.  By doing so we can ensure that you have the lowest level of pest activity possible.

Q. Why do you treat every 90 days?

A. Pests are called pests for a reason. Most pests here in the Idaho area are very persistent and will go to great efforts to make your home their new nesting grounds. Our product that we use builds a barrier that lasts for 90 days which is why we have found it most affective to schedule our treatments every 90 days.

Q. Why do you treat in the winter?

A. Contrary to popular belief, all pests don’t die in the winter.  In fact most of the pests will find safe haven in the cracks and crevices of your home if not prevented. The winter months are some of the most important times to have our professional pest control service. We created a customized treatment specifically for the winter months to ensure that your home stay pest free even during the winter.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. No you do not need to sign a contract to use our services. We offer one time sprays for customers who wish not to sign a contract. That being said, one single spray will not keep your home pest free all year which is why we encourage our customers to use our 4 Seasons Treatment. To motivate our customers to enroll in our program we offer greatly discounted rates per spray as well as a service guarantee.

Q. Do I need to be home during the treatment?

A.  We will always call you before each treatment to ensure that you can plan your day accordingly but you do not have to be home during the time we service your home. A majority of the work we do is on the outside of the home and doesn’t require you to be home. If you want the inside of your home serviced then an adult would need to be home to give the technician access to the inside of the home.

Q.  Are all pest control companies the same?

A. Absolutely not. Different companies use different tactics, mixing ratios, and products. Many companies use cheaper products, or even dilute products to save money. Many companies spray a small band of chemical around the outside of the home hoping that pests come in contact with it.  We believe in a more proactive and aggressive approach than most. We pride ourselves in using the best available products and catering each spray to your individual needs.

Q.  Can’t my fertilizer company do my pest control?

A.  They are more than welcome to try and solve your problems but that would be like letting the oil change shop work on your car’s transmission. Fertilizer companies do what they call a “spider barrier” in which they spray a small strip around your home. Although the prices seem enticing, they don’t treat the crawl space, inside of the home, or offer service guarantees. We make sure to actually take care of your problem by protecting all aspects of your home inside and out.  We didn’t invent the phrase but you get what you pay for. We are so confident in our methods that we offer all customers a service guarantee.

Q.  How do I know when my home is being treated?

A.  Unlike most companies that simply show up when it’s convenient for them, we believe in keeping you in the loop. Once your home has been assigned to a route, an office manager will call you a day or two before to inform you when the technician will be coming to your home.  If that time isn’t convenient you can always request a different time slot and/or day.  Upon arriving at your home, the technician will always knock on your door to let you know what he will be treating that day.  That is a great time to make special requests such as spraying the inside of the garage.

Q.  What if I see pests in between my quarterly sprays?

A. It is not uncommon to see the occasional pest in between sprays. Our goal is to create a barrier around your home to ensure your home remains pest free throughout the year. If at any time you see an abnormal amount of pest activity inside your home between your quarterly sprays, we would be happy to return and re-service your home free of charge.